Advance Drivers Course – SkidCar Most Effective Training Tool

Advance Drivers Course – SkidCar Most Effective Training Tool

Here is a tool that is effective in training drivers from all kinds of ability, to improve their driving mindset and reaction. You really might think you are a driving god, but trust me, you will feel pretty helpless in this car.

Their slogan “It’s about grip, not slip” is so right. I’ve been racing for a fair amount of time now, but seriously, here is a lesson you will never forget.

Once you have gone through the exercise, you would appreciate the finesse of driving at the limit (in this case without the speed), and when you put the speed back it all feels so easy.

The SKIDCAR SYSTEM® is an advanced driver training solution that teaches drivers to anticipate car control problems before they occur.

With SKIDCARâ„¢, drivers experience exactly how a vehicle will behave in situations that can cause traction loss, including adverse weather, excessive speed, rapid braking or steering errors. But unlike other programs that simply teach reactionary motor skills, SKIDCAR trains drivers to think, maintain control, and avoid trouble ahead of time.

  • Controlled driving techniques for use at all vehicle speeds under all road conditions.
  • Low-speed training in realistic, high-stress environments, always under complete and fail-safe control of an instructor.
  • Portable, affordable and virtually risk-free, with no chemical maintenance (unlike skid pans).

Contact: China Dragon Racing Team, based in Guangdong International Circuit for the Advance Driving Lesson.